Viognier and the Wok

Viognier is a famous Northern Rhone grape varietal. The most exquisite examples of wine made from this grape comes from the Condrieu and Château-Grillet appellation.

The wine is known for its delicious notes of yellow fruits flowery aromas and sweet taste of honeysuckle, the high acidity of the wine keeps its balanced and makes for a very refreshing afternoon wine.

Viognier’s high alcohol, acidity and its apparent sweetness makes it a good wine to pair with Asian food preparation ranging from seafood to dairy.

Ezimit wineries from North Macedonia were the first producers to introduce this variant into the country in the mid 90’s, since then they have been producing some great young wines from this varietal.

Singapore is well known for its food choices from swanky restaurants to the everyday ‘hole in the wall’ joints; however, it is food courts that makes eating out in Singapore a unique epicurean experience. The food courts are national treasures and an integral part of the country’s cultural ecosystem. The food choices available range from simple everyday fare to some Michelin bib-gourmand winners and all under one roof.

The team went on a little adventure and paired one of our best-selling white wines Ezimit Viognier 2018 with some local Singaporean delights. Needless to say the experience left us wanting for more.   

Eggs are notoriously difficult to pair with wine, the natural release of sulphur makes the wine seem off-flavour. Our first course of onion omelette paired beautifully with the wine, the high acid content in Ezimit’s Viognier in the wine counteracted the effects of the oil in the Omelette making the omelette appear fluffy and joyful.

Seafood especially shellfish is a recommended pairing with white wines. For our next course we ordered the house favourite; Bee Hoon. The full-bodied Viognier carried the light Bee Hoon adding an element of texture and complexity to the dish making it more luxuriant and creamier. This congruent pairing was a little unexpected and brought delight.

We followed the Bee Hoon with a side of Sambal Kangkong, the dish is known for its strong taste from the spicy shrimp paste that is used in its preparation. The aromatic Viognier counteracts the strong base in the Kengkong and tempers down the spice levels. The full body of the wine complemented the crunchy texture of the kangkong really well.

Overall, our experiment was a big success and we are definitely on track to try more local pairings for our equally diverse range of wines.

Bee Hoon – Congruent pairing
Sambal Kangkong – Contrast pairing
Onion Omelette – Contrast pairing

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