North Macedonian wine is gaining recognition for its unique character, emerging as a hidden gem in the world of viticulture. The country's diverse terroirs, influenced by the Mediterranean and continental climates, contribute to the production of distinct wines. Indigenous grape varieties like Vranec and Kratoshija thrive in the fertile soils, producing reds with robust flavors. Crisp and aromatic whites, often made from the Temjanika grape, showcase the country's winemaking diversity. With a growing focus on quality and tradition, North Macedonia is establishing itself as an intriguing player in the global wine market.
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    Popova Kula Altan
    Imako Unity Rose
    Imako Unity Muscat
    Dry Red wine Vranec
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    Ezimit Vranec 2018
    Tikves Plavec, 2017
    Tikves Vranec 2017
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