Tikves Winery – Future of Macedonian wine

Since 1885, Tikveš Winery has been the symbol of centuries-long wine-making tradition, the largest and most awarded winery in South-Eastern Europe. Today, it continues to shape North Macedonia’s viticultural future with its state-of-the-art wine-technologies teamed with extensive knowledge sourced from some of the country’s most profound masters of wine.

Currently, Tikveš Winery owns approximately 1000 hectares of vineyards spread throughout Tikveš and Veles districts. It’s no surprise here that they adopted their name after this particular wine region. The prolific winery has also managed to gain access to an additional 3000 hectares of vineyards, as a result of strong relationships built over time with a large number of farmers and growers. These holdings have given Tikveš the ability to produce and sell an impressive 15 million bottles per year. It would be natural to, therefore, conclude that the priorities of the team lie with quantity and profit over quality, however, this could not be further from the truth in this case.

President of the Board Svetozar Janevski is a well-known leader in Eastern Europe with a rich history of successful projects. Through the investment group M6, Mr.Janevski acquired leadership of the winery in 2003 to reinvent business models through innovation; production of high-quality wine being the primary goal. With Mr.Janevski in charge, significant investments have since been made in the latest technology with particular attention being paid to modernising the entire production process, from the cultivation to vinification and bottling. Alongside Mr.Janevski, head winemaker Marko Stojakovič is another key member of the winery. In 2010 at just 27 years of age, he joined the Tikveš team after having studied winemaking in France’s Bordeaux and Montpellier. He now manages a team of twelve oenologists who regularly travel to Australia and New Zealand to study and learn from areas that share similar climatic conditions to those of Macedonia, an unusually open attitude in this regional practice.

All the grapes used for wine production at Tikveš is hand-harvested without the use of any machinery. For such a large winery, this is quite unusual as the process is slower and much more labour intensive. However, it does allow the harvester full control when picking as they can individually select only the highest quality grapes for wine production. Damage to the grapes is also significantly reduced during transportation from the farm to the winery.

Today, Tikveš can confidently claim that they are active at all levels of craft and are an integral element in paving the way for the future of the North Macedonian wine industry. They continue to spread the message at grassroots about the quality of local wines, promote wine culture in the country and push the government to fund the improvement of local mechanisms within the country’s industry. Evidence of this is easily found within their winery where they currently run approved WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) courses to the public through their own educational body; Wine Educator. These short courses are designed to offer complete wine and spirit trainings with the confidence that all knowledge will lead to future economic growth within the North Macedonia.

With approximately 50 different wine labels produced between Tikveš Winery, Tikveš Chateaux and Domaines, there is a certainly a bottle of wine for everyone to enjoy.


White wine Temjanika–

Tikveš Special Selection Temjanika 2014: The Temjanika grape, a variety of Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains family, is grown primarily in Eastern Europe producing wines that are very aromatic and vibrant in profile.

Subtle green tinges interlace through this golden coloured wine. Intense aromas of fresh basil, ripe tangerine and elderflowers. Vibrant and elegant on the palate with quince, apricot and subtle honeycomb notes activating all the senses- leaving you wanting another sip. It is best consumed with salads, grilled vegetable, seafood and pork.

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Rose Wine

– Tikveš Alexandria Rose Cuvee 2018: This wine is part of the ‘Heritage’ collection in the Tikveš portfolio and ‘is a perfect example of the Macedonian way of winemaking’ (Tikveš Winery). A blend of internationally grown and recognised grapes. Pinot Noir (60%), Merlot (20%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%). A beautiful coral colour with hues of pink. Orange blossom, wild strawberries and Turkish rose to jump out of the glass with balanced flavours of white grapefruit, strawberry and a hint of white pepper from the Cabernet Sauvignon. This rose is dry and a perfect pairing with salmon, roast chicken and potatoes, and fresh green salads.

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Red Wine

– Tikveš T’ga za Jug 2018: The Vranec grape is the flagship variety of North Macedonia leading the charge for international recognition. Approximately 70% of all grape planting throughout the country are Vranec. It prefers are warm, dry climate with light-draining soils. Wines produced from this grape have the potential to be incredibly complex typically profiled with dark-berries and savoury spices. This T’ga za Jug wine adopts its name from the iconic Macedonian poem ‘Longing for the South’ and is now the most widely recognised wine brand. It is made with 100% Vranec grapes in a semi-sweet style, designed to be consumed immediately upon purchase. Ripe black raspberries, cherry and raisin aromas are prominent on the nose. The palate shows berries that are almost stewed-like in flavour with indications of earthy characters and sweet baking spices to balance out the prominent fruit displayed. Pair with crispy duck breast, braised short ribs, soft cheeses and even your favourite fruit dessert.

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Alternatively you can try a variety of Vranec based wines from Tikves here



Red Wine Vintage 2012– Domaine Barovo (Red) 2012: Domaine Barovo is a premium label under the Tikveš winery. The vineyard of Barovo is located in the southern part of the country at 700m up in the mountain hills with high diurnal temperature ranges. It is these dramatic changes in temperature daily, that allow the grapes to ripen and develop complex flavours whilst also retaining natural acidity and freshness overnight to produce a balanced and poised wine. Barovo Red is made with Kratosija (65%) and Vranec (35%) and aged for one year in French Oak. The wine fills the mouth with flavours of vibrant blackberries, black plum, and subtle tobacco smoke. Pair with lamb or steak.

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Alternatively you can try the award-winning Tikves Lepovo Grand Cuvee, 2015


White Wine Chardonnay Vintage 2016

– Domaine Lepovo Chardonnay 2016: Domaine Lepovo is certainly the highest regarded and most limited label under in the Tikveš portfolio producing only 30,000 litres a year. The vineyards are located near the Vardar River where gentle breezes along with higher daily temperatures contribute to high sugar and acid retention in the grapes producing full-bodied, age-worthy wines. The Chardonnay grapes are fermented and aged in 225L French barrique producing a wine that is rich and luscious on the palate oozing with flavours sweet melon, toasty hazelnut, brioche and lemon curd. Pair with lobster, white fish, chowders, and sheep’s milk cheese.

Stay tuned, this wine will be available in the future in Singapore exclusively on www.vino.sg

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