What is the Best Wine Glass for our Red and White Wines?

What is the Best Wine Glass for our Red and White Wines?

Wines are a complex chemistry of aromatics; we can smell more than we can taste with wines. Hence it becomes important to choose the right glass for the right kind of wine to enhance your drinking experience. Wine in a paper cup will do as much discredit to the wine as would a wine served warm.

The complexity extends to the age of the wine, the service temperature, the ambient temperature, etc. We will give you a basic guide of pairing wine glasses to the wines we sell at vino.sg.

First a brief overview of wine glass types and typical wines drunk in these glasses.

Red wine glasses
Red wine glasses are typically larger than White wine glasses because of the more intense aromas and tannins that need some surface area and allows the red wine to breathe.

1.Wide round – This style of wine glass can be described as an aroma-collector with a wide round base and an open rim. Good for collecting aromas. Great for a red wine like Pinot Noir or Gamay

Red Wine Burgundy Gamay

2. Medium-sized – This is a narrow body glass with a medium-sized rim a balance between smell and taste. Works well with medium body wines like Sangiovese or Zinfandel and even Shiraz.

Red Wine Zinfandel Gamay

3. Oversized – These glasses have a large bowl with a tight rim. This style of wine glass allows the wines to breathe. High tannin wines benefit from a big glass. Typically, Bordeaux blends, Barolo

Red Wine Bordeaux Barolo

White wine glasses
White wine is usually served in a medium-sized and narrow rimmed glass so that the fresh, sweet characteristics of the white wine remains concentrated at the top of the glass. Smaller bowl keeps the white wines cooler and positions the nose closer to the aromas.

1.Medium-sized – This is good for an aromatic wine like Viognier, Riesling or a Rose. Also works well with classic Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc

White Wine Chardonnay Riesling Pinot Noir Viognier

2. Large – Aged white wine like an oaked chardonnay will benefit from a Large glass allowing for the wine to breathe and release its tertiary characteristics.

White Wine Oaked Chardonnay

For Red Wines sold on vino.sg, you can pair the wines with the glass as suggested

Ezimit Vranec, 2018 – Oversized glass

Ezimit Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018 – Oversized glass

Ezimit Vranec Barrique, 2016 – Medium-sized or Oversized glass

Ezimit Vranec Reserve, 2011 – Oversized glass is best for this red wine to get the secondary and tertiary aromas

Tikves Lepovo Pinot Noir, 2016 – Wide Round is perfectly suited for the queen of grapes

Tikves Lepovo Grand Cuvee, 2015 – Wide Round for its intense aromas and medium tannins

Tikves Plavec, 2017 – Wide round

Tikves Alexandria Cuvée (Red), 2017 – Medium sized

Ezimit Terra Makedonika, 2012 – Medium sized

For our White wines and Rose sold at vino.sg

Ezimit Pinot Grigio, 2018 – Medium sized for this refreshing acidic wine

Ezimit Viognier, 2018 – Medium sized for this aromatic wine

Tikves Temjanika, 2019 – Medium-sized to enhance the flavour profile of this floral wine

Tikves Rkaciteli, 2018 – Medium sized

Ezimit Rosé, 2018 – Medium-sized to bring out the sharpness of the Pinot Noir grape.

Tikves Alexandria Cuvée (White Wine), 2019 – Medium sized for this fruity blend

Ezimit Chardonnay Barrique, 2018 – Large to let the oaky chardonnay bloom in the glass

At the minimum, your wine cabinet must have at least 2 sets of glasses. A versatile set for Red wine and a set for White wine.

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