Health effects of drinking Red Wine on your Heart, Cancer, and other ailments

Red wine in vineyard for health

Immortality has quite often been attributed to drink be it the Greek ambrosia or the Sanskrit Amrit. Many lives in the ancient worlds have been extended (or reported poetically to be extended) by imbibing the nectar of gods. Maybe it was the effect of alcohol or maybe the sensation as the fiery sweet liquid made

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Tikves Winery – Future of Macedonian wine

Tikves Winery Red Wine White Wine Singapore

Since 1885, Tikveš Winery has been the symbol of centuries-long wine-making tradition, the largest and most awarded winery in South-Eastern Europe. Today, it continues to shape North Macedonia’s viticultural future with its state-of-the-art wine-technologies teamed with extensive knowledge sourced from some of the country’s most profound masters of wine. Currently, Tikveš Winery owns approximately 1000

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What is the Best Wine Glass for our Red and White Wines?

White Wine Red Wine

What is the Best Wine Glass for our Red and White Wines? Wines are a complex chemistry of aromatics; we can smell more than we can taste with wines. Hence it becomes important to choose the right glass for the right kind of wine to enhance your drinking experience. Wine in a paper cup will

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Geographical factors influencing wine growth in North Macedonia

Now that we have your curiosity, let us tell you a little bit more about where the grape for our wines comes from. Macedonia is probably not on everyone’s “winedar” when it comes to choosing from a bottle of wine for your evening meal or a gift or even an addition to your cellar. The

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Saint Valentine vs Saint Trifun

February 14th doesn’t only celebrate Love with the widely popular and somehow commercialized Valentine’s Day, it also celebrates the equally important love but the one for a good wine ?! February 14th is also called St.Trifun’s day. Trifun is the Saint guardian of wine and vine growers that is celebrated in the orthodox cultures in

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Vranec – Strong and Powerful Red Wine

In a faraway land, across seven mountains and seven seas, a beautiful red wine variety has grown for many years waiting for the world to find out about it. As years passed, wine makers worked and perfected the formula and the time finally came for this delicious Macedonian wine to reach the beautiful and sunny

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