Vranec – Strong and Powerful Red Wine

In a faraway land, across seven mountains and seven seas, a beautiful red wine variety has grown for many years waiting for the world to find out about it. As years passed, wine makers worked and perfected the formula and the time finally came for this delicious Macedonian wine to reach the beautiful and sunny island of Singapore.

The first sip of Vranec is always a unique experience no matter what type of wine you prefer. Its uniqueness doesn’t only come from the fact that it is geographically available only in the Balkan region, but also from its specific taste and majestically intense ruby color.

The name Vranec stands for a powerful black stallion and hence the grape variety is always associated with strength and success. The second meaning of Vranec is black and from there it is also called the Black Wine. This variety has been grown for a long time in Montenegro, but North Macedonia is the most important country and a leader in production because of the ideal climate. The wine is very much representative of the people who grow it and make it – warm blooded and strong at the same time. The origin of the same is not very clear and the assumption is that it is a result of some crossbreeding or spontaneous mutations.

The Macedonian wine from Vranec variety has an intense, dark red ruby colour. It has a very rich scent with the aroma of ripe fruits. The young wines are light purple and have an aroma of strawberry jam and wild berries. The firm tannins structure has the potential to ripe in oak barrels. The final result is a wine with complex aromas harmoniously united and similar to wild berries, chocolate and liquor. Can this wine get any better?

It predominantly grows around the Vardar River Valley Region and because of that the Vranec plantations in Macedonia have big heterogeneity that distinguishes several varieties with different features. All the above mentioned allows for a production of a unique wine of an extremely high quality which is recognized on a global level.

To thoroughly enjoy Vranec please pair it with red meat, smoked meat and barbecue.

Na Zdravje!